Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Leavened Education

Hello all,

For those of you wondering what has become of your young baker, I have launched a new site dedicated towards my upcoming enrollment at Western Washington University. I am returning to school to further, and dare I say, raise my education beyond that of the Seattle Culinary Academy.

Beginning in January 2017, I will be a Junior at WWU focusing on a B.A. at the Institute for Energy Studies. My focus will be in energy policy and I am very much looking forward to seeing how this lens relates to the relationships and realities of my life in Port Townsend. The current plan is to return there after I earn my degree.

To keep up with my latest updates and explorations, please visit my new site:

Thank you all for your curiosity and consideration after all these years,



  1. I was in town visiting and tried to look you up - you were not at Farmers, not at the Coop. Someone finally told me that you had left town. Now I find this on the internet. We are so happy that you have made this decision and wish you the best of luck always. Larry & Donna

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