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Kellen Lynch
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As a chef and baker, I believe in feeding people well.

Thankfully, my passion allows me to be work mobile and travel to where you need me. That being said, I love to work on either the land or sea.

Please contact me to see about my availability to help you with your next event.

I enjoy:
- Catering private parties and weddings
- Catering professional and spiritual retreats
-Catering week-long overnight camps
- Live-aboard boat charter chef
- Hosting pop-up dinners

A Delicious Change of Plans


Dear friends,

This month I will not be at the Food Co-op alcove selling bread and pastry.

INSTEAD, our Cake Picnic crew will be there on May 16th promoting the only event around where you can have your cake and eat it, too.

With Cake Picnic fast approaching on May 21, my ability to help bake 2,000 slices of cake AND my usual allotment of bread and pastry just isn't adding up. Regardless of the delicious croissants, I do hope you come say hi, and perhaps even throw in a donation to earn yourself our new Cake Picnic shirt!

Much love from your baker man, 

For more information on Cake Picnic, visit our website at:


  1. Kellen, I really like your work! You are an amazing baker and has some incredible magic in your hands. I will be looking forward for your cake picnic and hope to join you guys


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