Monday, June 1, 2015

Wearable Art Show - "Fluer de Farine"

Hanna Nicole
As you may have seen or heard, I had the opportunity to enter an art piece into this year's Wearable Art Show in Port Townsend. With the incredible talents of local chef artist, Hanna Nicole, we prepared Fluer de Farine. Illustrating the various stages of bread and baking, we wowed audiences with our woven bread skirt, sourdough loafers, and a raw croissant dough shawl. 

We were awarded with an Honorable Mention from the show's judge for our piece's creativity and Hanna's energetic performance. 

There is something truly special and unique about such temporal art. Our dress went from fresh pita bread, sewn bread, to stale  bread to being nibbled by mice, to being thrown on for one final party, and then finished with a ceremonial burning. 

Thank you so much to those who have supported this inspired work we have chosen. We'll keep it up if you do, too. 

-The Baker

Our make-up station (flour, egg wash, seeds)

Let Go

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