Friday, April 24, 2015

One Month Down.. I Mean Up

Somehow we've already arrived at the fourth market of the season. It seems like every time one finishes, I blink, and then it's Wednesday and time to feed the crying sourdoughs! Those darn dough babies!

Well, here's what we'll have tomorrow for market number 4.

- Country Sourdough
- Olympic Rye

- Classic Croissant
- Poached Apple Croissant
- Dark Chocolate & Hazelnut Croissant

- Rum Raisin Scone with Nutmeg and Orange Zest
- Smoked Cheddar & Chive Scone

- Brie, Blueberry Compote with Toasted Almonds
- Jerk Spiced Sweet Potato over a Cucumber and Chive Yogurt Sauce 


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