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As a chef and baker, I believe in feeding people well. Thankfully, my passion allows me to work wherever you are, and I am able to travel to meet your needs. Based in Port Townsend, I love to work on the land or the sea. Reach out to see about my availability to help you with your next event.

I enjoy:
- Catering private parties
- Catering professional and spiritual retreats
- Boat cheffing
- Hosting pop-up dinners

Flour Talk

Future flour growing at Nash's


I've received a number of questions about my flours as of late, and instead of a rushed explanation as to what I use and why, please use the information below to better understand the ways of this Port Townsend bakery.

Let's go point by point, shall we? 

  • Sourdough Bread: I use locally grown, organic grain in nearly all of my breads. The Rye, Red Winter Wheat, and the Soft Winter Wheat comes from either Nash's Farm in Sequim or Fairhaven Mills in Bellingham. If it's not one of those, I am using the Unbleached Organic Craft Flour from Central Milling. These breads are nearly all fermented using wild Port Townsend yeast. 
  • Croissant: To make the best croissants, one needs a flour fine enough to gently build on the layers of butter laminated in the dough. I use the Unbleached Organic Craft Flour from Central Milling for my croissants. The eggs in the dough come from local producers like Finn River and Nash's. The incredible European style butter found in my croissants is sourced from Rumiano in Northern California. Via Rumiano, "Our organic dairies only use verified Non-GMO corn and barley mixes as well as a mineral mix with some alfalfa."  Yay!
  • Scone: The scones are the only products that do not consistently utilize organic grains. I use Wheat Montana's Natural All Purpose, an unbleached flour variety. The sugar in our scones is an organic evaporated cane sugar. The "fillings" of our scones vary almost weekly, but all ingredients are sourced through either the farmer's market or Port Townsend Food Co-op. 
  • Wheat Free Treats: I use Pamela's Gluten Free Bread mix. This mix is primarily sorghum, brown rice flour, and tapioca flour. 

***One final note: Our bakery never uses bleached flour in your food. White flour does not equal bleached flour, and we realize bleaching any  food is probably a bad idea. ***


Visit my grower's websites below for further information:

Thanks for reading, and I'll see you at the market!
-Kellen the baker


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