Friday, July 25, 2014

Big Day!

Olympic Rye Sourdough

This summer is flying by and scooting by with it are my breads and pastries. Sounds corny, but it's literally true! Last week, we sold out at noon and this week I expect the same, especially with the Olympic Rye Sourdough on the menu again.

The rye is the only bread I have a regular bake schedule for and my regulars know it. They can't do without their rye! 

New this week is the Wild Potato Sourdough made exclusively from the wild yeast floating around this town. Sounds tasty, yes?

Course, I'll have my croissants and scones and all the other specialty pastries including the Chocolate Lavender Croissants, Bear Claws with Amaretto, and the brand new Honey n' Rum Roll Up. 

Well, that concludes this week's round up, but before I go I'd like to give a special shout out to a local brewery, and that would be Propolis. They make the finest ales your tongue has ever had the privilege of tasting. Seriously. They are wonderful. 


That's mine. Get your own.


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