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Kellen Lynch
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As a chef and baker, I believe in feeding people well.

Thankfully, my passion allows me to be work mobile and travel to where you need me. That being said, I love to work on either the land or sea.

Please contact me to see about my availability to help you with your next event.

I enjoy:
- Catering private parties and weddings
- Catering professional and spiritual retreats
-Catering week-long overnight camps
- Live-aboard boat charter chef
- Hosting pop-up dinners

Spice It Up!

Restocking for the Market

If you've never made it to World Spice's shop in Pike Place Market, you are missing out on a great opportunity to improve your cooking. The shop smells not only of the exotic, but of pure possibilities as to what you'll be able to do with your new flavors.

I use these spices primarily with my Made to Order items - Stuffed Pita, Sliders, Focaccia. These unique blends conjure a place far away from our little town. I tend to focus on North African and Middle Eastern flavors simply because they excite me the most at the moment.

To have access to such unique spices is quite a privilege. Use it!
Go to World Spice and discover a flavor you've never even imagined before.



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