Friday, October 11, 2013

I-522 Food Labeling

See that?

That, my friends, is a major Montana wheat farm prematurely marketing their flours as "non-gmo". Even two state away from our upcoming election here in Washington, farmers around the nation are seeing the tide turning and the market shifting.

Two weeks ago, their packaging said nothing of GMO wheat. Technically, they shouldn't have to label their wheat "non-gmo" because wheat hasn't been approved for genetic modification. However, Monsanto's modified wheat prototypes mysteriously found its way into wheat fields in Oregon. This genetically modified wheat isn't even approved for the market.

Monsanto claims ignorance. This turn of events scares many wheat farmers who sell to businesses overseas, like in the Asian marketplace. Japan and Korea refuse to accept GMO wheat into their country. Scary stuff.

Re-labeling and the physical separation of Non-GMO vs GMO crops won't be a simple procedure for farms, nor will it be free. We've allowed a faulty system to be built, adding pieces as we go. Like in Jenga.
But unlike Jenga, we can go back and fix the foundation of this structure. These changes are part of the cost of doing business in the world marketplace. Farms know this to be true.

Thank you, Wheat Montana for acting accordingly.

Check out this great article from NPR on this Oregon flour mystery:

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