Thursday, October 3, 2013


The Presentation Cake featuring fresh raspberries, nasturtiums, and an Italian Buttercream

Two of Port Townsend's own just got hitched.
Thankfully, they knew who to approach about the cake. Now, cakes are an interesting beast. They require such different attributes from the baker, especially from a bread baker. For this reason, I like "simple" cakes.

Thankfully for me, Port Townsend is home to another cake baker, one Meredith Hotchkiss. Her recipe inspired me to present the Velvet Chocolate Cake. This cake features raspberries, dark Belgian chocolate, an Italian Butter Cream and....beets.
Yes, the most earthy and savory of veggies taste incredible when placed in a cake. Beets add such a dynamic texture and undercurrent of flavor that, well, you would probably never know a beet got anywhere close to that dessert you're eating.

Now that's the kind of cake that I like to make. 

The cake to be cut (feeds 150)

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