Sunday, September 1, 2013

Labor of Love

I've never before baked so much bread in one go. At three o'clock on Saturday morning Dalla NotteBaking, or The One Man Bakery, began production of 7 breads. 5 hours later, I took a moment to snap the shots you see here. And then off to the market!

I sold out of the Holiday Challah and Wheat-Free Apple Walnut Bread nearly immediately. By the end of the day all that were left were a few lonely slider rolls.

Thank you Port Townsend. Thank you mysterious tourists. 

Put in your order for Holiday Challah as Rosh Hashanah pulls around the bend this week! Orders are already piling up, so please submit all orders by this Tuesday evening. 

Thank you again!

Fermenting the Wheat-Free Apple Walnut Loaf, Sourdough Olive Focaccia, and Holiday Challah
Wheat-Free Apple Walnut Bread

Eric at Collinwood Farm

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