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As a chef and baker, I believe in feeding people well. Thankfully, my passion allows me to work wherever you are, and I am able to travel to meet your needs. Based in Port Townsend, I love to work on the land or the sea. Reach out to see about my availability to help you with your next event.

I enjoy:
- Catering private parties
- Catering professional and spiritual retreats
- Boat cheffing
- Hosting pop-up dinners

July July

On this day of free slurpees from 7-11, I want to share with you the latest happenings from Dalla Notte Baking. More products are coming together in the bake shop and I cannot wait to finish testing and release them to the public. We've been featuring them over the past few markets to much excitement.

The first new product is the Dalla Notte Slider. I am taking traditional burger components and transposing new culinary ideas between the buns of my Soft Slider Roll. Last week, we featured the BARN Slider with basil, avocado, radish, and nasturtium. 

This week we are sharing the Smoked Salmon Slider with the world. With homemade garlic mustard, red onion, and spicy arugula the Smoked Salmon Slider is a PNW classic in the making. 
Lady Pizzelle

The second new menu addition is the ever traditional Italian Pizzelle. A Pizzelle, for those that are unfamiliar, is a thin waffle cookie usually enjoyed with espresso or tea. Generally flavored with anise, we at Dalla Notte are putting our effort into brightening the Pizzelle's flavor, and subsequently brightening your day. 

These Pizzelles are also WHEAT FREE. Boom. 

Smoked Salmon Slider
Wednesday Market
The Wednesday farmer's market has begun! These markets are very peaceful and designed for those local folk trying to avoid the large throngs of Saturday markets. 

Please come and listen to our great local music while enjoying a Dalla Notte Slider. 

Rosemary Sea Salt Focaccia


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