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As a chef and baker, I believe in feeding people well. Thankfully, my passion allows me to work wherever you are, and I am able to travel to meet your needs. Based in Port Townsend, I love to work on the land or the sea. Reach out to see about my availability to help you with your next event.

I enjoy:
- Catering private parties
- Catering professional and spiritual retreats
- Boat cheffing
- Hosting pop-up dinners

What Tomorrow Will Bring

Pan Fried Cheese Curds with Cilantro
After seeing such crowds last Saturday at the farmer's market, I can only imagine what the beautiful day will bring tomorrow. 

Because the demand for the Focaccia Formaggio was so great last week, I will hold off its rotation for another week! You can get your fix of my pan fried cheese curds and roasted garlic cilantro spread with my fresh baked focaccia all day tomorrow...just as long as I don't sell out!

I am also introducing the Spiced Apple Focaccia with Blueberry Honey and Thyme this week. It's a sweet and simple focaccia meant for such bright days as these.

I hope you can come visit and enjoy tomorrow.

See you then!

Focaccia Formaggio
Spiced Apple Focaccia


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