Monday, May 20, 2013

Cake Picnic!

What happens when you give someone free cake?
A smile.

What happens when you give a town free cake? 
A party.

The first annual Cake Picnic launched with 3,000 slices of free Lemon Butter Cake baked courtesy of baker Meredith Hotchkiss and Dalla Notte Baking. My oh my. We invited the Rhody queen to cut the inaugural ribbon, and so the slicing began.

Our 10 enormous and delicious cakes were created using hundreds of donated eggs (of Spring Rain farm), 35 lbs of unrefined organic cane sugar, 35 lbs of Montana flour, and 70 lbs of delicious wholesome butter.
Cakes of such magnitude that are so well sourced are incredibly uncommon, and supremely exciting to bake and serve. 

Thanks to ALL who donated and ate our cake. You made this a success and gave us the ability to carry on Cake Picnic into the coming years.

The team is STILL raising funds to cover our food and production costs. None of us are being paid a dime to do this event, as you may of expected. If you can donate, visit for a tax deductible donation.


Danny "Mastermind" Milholland"
Dance Party USA
Cake Runners

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