Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Market # 3

Two words:


Who would of thought that the town would love such a strangely beautiful food as the Focaccia Formaggio with its gooey pan fried cheese curds? Or the decadent Focaccia Dolce's kumquat orange marmalade and dark chocolate pairing?

Clearly, I did not plan accordingly as I was forced to deny the glorious goodness of both Focacce to my lovely customers. One part of me wants to apologize, another part of me wants a high five. Meh.. We can settle for an apologetic high five.

This Saturday, May 4, I will be returning with the Focaccia Formaggio, Focaccia Bianca, and a sweet offering yet to be determined.

Take a look below for this week's excellent focaccia recap!

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